Hodor Calculator

Trying to contain the excitement for coming new season of Game of Thrones, I’ve decided to bring to life an old idea I had when the Hodor keyboards came up.

I bring forth the Hodor Calculator!! Where Hodor + Hodor equals….. Hodor.

A fully functional simple & scientific calculator that is in base HODOR.

Hodor Calculator is based on King Calculator (obviously!), the math is real, you can see the real results in the history if you’re interested :)

Download Hodor Calculator


King Calculator 1.2.0

Unfortunately the website haven’t been updated for a while since we’ve been quite busy, although the app itself has been updated frequently.

Version 1.2.0 is currently available for download.

Since King Calculator 0.9.x to the current v1.2.0 release the following major changes have been introduced.

Number formatting added
History improved drastically
Display size can be changed
Material Design added
Big numbers support added
Fractions support
Result can be displayed as a fraction
Fractions can be converted to improper fractions

Download King Calculator 1.2.0

We’ve also open a subreddit for the app, it’s probably the best way to contact the team.

King Calculator 0.9.8

King Calculator version 0.9.8 has been released to the public, from a user stand point we’ve gone from to 0.9.8 but as our beta testers could tell you, between those two public releases there have been 11 private beta versions. So the 0.9.8 release is a very big release full of new features.

What’s new?

Plenty! Here are the main additions

  • Expressions are now fully editable, you can place the cursor wherever you want and edit the expression, go back, go forward, go back again, you can modify you expression as you input it.
  • Fraction display is available, you can display numbers in the form of a fractions, for example 123  instead of 1.6666… just hit the ab button.
  • The History window will not only save your previous calculations but also the result of each expression, swipe an expression to the left and see what it evaluates to.
  • Casio style layout got a memory indicator, you’ll see it when there’s something saved into memory.
  • There’s also a big number indication, in case the result of the expression is too big for the display you will see red arrow pointing that there are more digits on the display which you need to scroll to see.

There are many more improvements which you see in 0.9.8 so make sure you update your version.