Join The Beta Testing Group

To join the beta group you need to follow two simple steps

1. Join the following Google+ group

2. Become a tester using this page

After you become a tester you can press Install on the same page and Google will teleport the app to your device or download it the old fashioned way using the Play Store app, it might take a few minutes before you’re recognized as a tester.

If you encounter a bug or have a suggestion the best place to tell us about it is in the Google+ group.

Hoping to see you in the β-testers group,

King Calculator the II.

What does the F button do?

Sounds naughty, so I guess we’ll have to rename the button :) But look what you can do with it, you’ve been requesting that for a while so here it is. We’ve added fraction display support to King Calculator! If you’re a beta tester, go play! And if you’re not, a new version will be released to the public in a week or two with some new additions among them, the F button :)




Localization project – Join the affort!

You must have realized by now that King Calculator is the best Calculator in the whole wide world, it can solve all you mathematical problems, it will brighten your day with it’s super awesome design, it will help you study and ace any exam. And if you really need it, King Calculator will even help you get chicks!

You must be thinking now, how can you be a part of the King Calculator project? Well my friend, the answer is simple. Help us translate King Calculator to your native language, if it’s already in your native language, you can proof read our current translation and help us make it better.

But how? You ask…

All you need is to go into our localization project and start localizing King Calculator.

Thanks in advance,
The King.

The future of the King

We started this project with the goal of creating an Android calculator worth using, we wanted to make it simple to use without losing functionality in the process.
King Calculator made a long way since the early versions, and we can proudly claim the title of ‘The best calculator’ for Android, in our humble opinion :) With more than 15 collaborators world wide, King Calculator kept it’s simplicity and still carries a powerful punch when you need to do some heavy lifting.

But, we are not done yet, there are some thing we still want to improve, the most important thing in our TODO list is re-enabling full expression editing which will be available in our next release. The next thing we want to cross of the list is adding support in fractions display, which we’re proud to say it’s almost ready to be added to our public releases.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve King Calculator, please feel free to comment on this post, or contact us by email.

Until next time,
The King Calculator Team.

Hello world! (v2.0)

Hello folks,

Making some changes to the website, the old one is gone. Starting fresh, keeping it simple this time.

In case you just got here, King Calculator is the best calculator app for android. It is designed to be super simple to use while being very functional.

We are always looking for translators and beta testers, so if you’re up for the challenge,  use the contact button in the application and send us a message!

The King Calculator Team.